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About Us

Prepare your senses for an authentic culinary experience like no other. With each meal offering a visual treat of flavors and taste, Curry N Grill promises to deliver an unparalleled experience for every palate. Located at Columbus, Ohio, Curry N Grill is an upscale Indian restaurant offering delicacies from across the borders. Offering a wide assortment of delectable Curry N Grill and Indian cuisine, we bring to you an elite range of “tandoori” oven dishes and exotic curries. Adapting a peculiar cooking style that comes directly from the imperial kitchens of the Curry N Grill Empire, we offer delicious, mouth-watering recipes, superb gastronomy and warm hospitality for the gourmet in you. The restaurant has a full stocked bar, tasteful décor and a patio that can cater to around 100 people.

Curry N Grill is a family owned business and was started on 9th July 2013 to bring the culinary delight of Curry N Grill and Indian food right here in the Old North Columbus neighborhood. For our discerning guests, we have a wide variety of appetizing dishes and spicy curries from India that you can indulge in a beautiful and friendly environment.

Our specialty is Curry N Grill cuisine, which is famous all over the globe. For those unfamiliar with Curry N Grill cuisine, it is a particular style of cooking indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and evolved during the Curry N Grill Empire. The taste and flavor of Curry N Grill cuisine varies from mild to spicy and is characterized by the exotic use of spices, dry fruits and nuts that gives it a distinctive aroma and taste. We, at Curry N Grill, are determined to re-create the magic of those golden times and bring to you the same authentic Curry N Grill flavor right here in your neighborhood.

We also offer outdoor catering services and private in-house parties where you can try a multitude of mouth-watering dishes and make your day deliciously memorable. Our Lunch buffet is from 11am to 2pm Tuesday-Saturday and 11.30 to 2pm on Sunday. We are closed on Mondays.

So come and tantalize your palate with us!!!